06 June 2007

I love color!!

I just found this site today (courtesy or my daily GetTrio newsletter): COLOURlovers ... And let me tell you, it is going to help Miss Maven out tremendously.

I love color and I love design - but I am not a color/design guru, therefore I need a bit of help when it comes to pairing colors together to create an interesting or unusual palette. All day I have been having a blast browsing for color palettes, looking at different color choices, and reading the comments left by fellow color enthusiasts.

Just think: with COLOURlovers, the question "What colors do I use?" isn't as daunting as it used to be!

Have fun.

12 April 2007

Ringtone mix-master

Myxer is a miracle music maker.

Yes, the alliteration is a bit much, but it's only because it is such an amazing tech tool it makes one momentarily obnoxious.

Head over to Myxer.com and sign up for a free account. This grants you privileges that you will want to utilize. After signing up, think about that song in your iTunes library that you have always wanted to herald your special someones call. Maybe "Bitter Moon" from Echo and the Bunnymen or "This Modern Love" from Bloc Party.

Whichever tune you choose, upload it to Myxer.com and then choose customize. The online tool automatically chooses a place within the file to begin your ringtone, but don't worry - this preview page will allow you to choose the perfect place to begin and end your ringtone. And if you are as exact happy as am, you can even edit to the tenth of a second, giving you the power to get it just right.

Once you have the ringtone exactly where you want it just send it to your phone. I arrives as a text message and miraculously your phone will begin to play the ringtone (at least my phone did) and I was able to save the file from my messages as a ringtone. Then find the contact that you want to pair with the ringtone and set it in the edit features. You can even choose it as your default ring.

Basically...if you have a audio file it can now be your ringtone. Fantastic! Right? Needless to say when I discovered Myxer I went nuts. It took an hour and at the end I had to different custom ringtones. Now McCain is announced with Tom Petty and Heartbreakers' "American Girl", Chesley with "1999", and every time I hear "Ceremony" from New Order I know it's Charlie.

Have fun!

19 February 2007

It has begun...

e·ven·tu·al·i·ties [i-ven-choo-al-i-tees]
–noun, plural
1. a contingent event; a possible occurrence or circumstance.
2. the state or fact of being eventual; contingent character.
See www.eventualities.com (coming soon)

ma·ven [mey-vuhn]
an expert or connoisseur.
See www.missmavenknows.com (coming soon)

Tonight I bought into this idea of broadcasting the information I learn to those who are seeking to know more. Miss Maven knows, honey. Don't you worry.

And there's more to come.